Polishing board is still not easy to me .
from Gloss coat ,Gloss sand, Buffing .every step have to be good.
otherwise go back to Gloss coat again. 
Extra care extra time but at the end , It's definitely worth it!!
now ready to meet his new family.

Last board for 2016

time goes fast . 2017 is almost there.
this will be the last board and last work for 2016.
I'll glass it  next year........good bye 2016 and hello 2017!!

Volan is nice

It's simple but nice.
Volan cloth is a lot heavier than regular 6 oz cloth. thats why pepole use it for classic logs.
everyone has their own preference .some like it light some like it heavy.

Mexico trip

making surfboard everyday is good fun but, need some break too.
Mexico is one of my favorite place for short surf trip from San Diego.
LaTicla,Nexpa,Pascuales. They have everything I needed !!

Two beauties

these two came out so nice. both Glossed and polished . you can't see from this photo but they look like jewell.
these wii be  Kentaro's next weapons!!

Taro's Model

5'9'' Taro's Model.
wide nose , relaxed rocker, wide point forward,round pin tail.
This is a great all rounder , who is tired of the modern high perfomance short boards.

Two Fishes

Two EPS fishes on the way to Hokkaido and Costa Rica.
 I think Fish tail is one of the best tail design of all surf board crafts.